"you love me.real or not real?" "real"

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Anonymous asked: Neither team has denied the rumors. If it was false, jen's team would have certainly come out with a statement denying it, esp since it paints Jen in a very negative light, dating a still not divorced father. Chris was the one who arranged for her to be helicoptered into Manhattan from JFK. If not a romance, they're def hooking up.



First of all they can’t make a statement on every rumor about them. That would be a huge headache.

Secondly her reps seem to stay away from commenting on her personal life

Third now you’re just making up stuff to fit your stance. He ordered the helicopter? Yeah okay, show me the receipts.

You’re free to believe it, I however do not.

Anon, get your fact straight, the helicopter Jen took when she was papped was a fucking NY city tour guide helicopter! They do not do area to area transport they only do over head city view tour! Stop making up shit like those tabloid if you’re a Jen’s fan as you claimed to be!

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On President Snow’s visit before the Victory Tour, he challenged me to erase any doubts of my love for Peeta. “C o n v i n c e  m e,”  Snow said. It seems under that hot pink sky with Peeta’s life in limbo, I finally did. And in doing so, I gave him the weapon he needed to break me.